Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Same Old Grind Hobbies Parties and Fun Fun Fun

Well im back at work now therefore my daily grind is now amounting to a fortnightly pile up and this rock star lifestyle will be hard to cram in however im willing to try my hardest to get in as much as I can.

For starters over the last 2 weeks I have I have now extended my hobbies to sword fighting, I have  attended 2 classes and thus become throughly addicted. I giggle like an idiot whilst I learn to attack and defend ( I will take being attacked with a sword seriously or die trying).

Thursday last week the Big Swish hit Leeds This in theory is a great idea, clothes swapping is a fab idea, however paying a fiver to hand your old clothes in to then queue up and fight over clothes in a red hot room full of demented bargain hunters doesnt seem to be all that convincing of a fun evenings entertainment. The result of the swish ended for me quite well I swapped my clothes got some horrifically ugly items only I could love out of sheer madness and I spent a lovely time with the girlys. One thing I can comment about the Swish was the advertisement of the event didnt really meet my expectations (burlesque, canapes and other things were on the evening itinerary online yet at the event this never appeared).

Friday was Excellent suspected family swine flu, Baking glittery birthday cakes and friday evening was jam packed. I attended The Revival Re-Launch party with the fabulous ladies Cecilia Rouge, provided beautiful burlesque entertainment to the guests and I found myself being the event photographer. The evening ended with a delicious kebab and milkshake.

Party time again as I found myself at the Wet Spot burlesque and cabaret evening to celebrate the birthday of Anna Fur Laxis.  This evening witnessed a bevy of burlesque talent from the struttingly graceful Myles AwaySherry Trifle, who mixed up a treat of a trifle filled with lots and lots of lovely Sherry. Bibi Bon Bon and Betty D'Barbarella the fabulous mucha lucha wrestlers, I nearly cried with delight. Ryvita Von Cheese demonstrated how diets do work and gave me a birds eye view of how to whip up a storm with a trifle and many hundreds and thousands. Cherry Shakewell had a golden touch with her beautifully choreographed James bond inspired act. Fanny Devine as ever had me wishing I was a fly rummaging through rubbish bins and envious of her moustache (why will mine not grow as well :o), the debonair and hypnotically deviilish Des O'Connor filled the evening with sensual songs of necrophilla (he is so dreamy when he sings of his romantic conquests).

The night brought me much amusement and I met a few people I havent seen for such a while it was wonderful catching up. I also met many new folks who were all so very lovely and treasure to make aquaintance with, I do hope to see them again in the future. If you are reading this Blog and have no idea of the burlesque and the cabaret circuit within the UK you are missing out on a real treat my dears the people you meet are lovely genuine and truly beautifully creative.  Any hoo I save the best till last the Birthday girl herself performed what I could say an act that left me speechless the death defying not for the faint of heart, pregnant or those of a nervous disposition the Laxis of Evil. This act was pulled straight out of a vegas show or as I would call it an evil 70s styled lair in a volcano none the less. A beautifully fantasmagorical act as were all the acts did at the Wetspot this calibre of acts is testament to all the hard work and devotion the performers put into their pieces I take my hat off to you all with admiration, thank you for adding to my bank of wonderfull memories xxx

After presenting the birthday girl with the cake Daisy Cutter and Myself created, and unsuccesfully tried to hide on numerous occaison, which may have been due to the glitter or pyrotechnics that were emblazoned upon it ;o). I chatted a little, danced a little and ended my spectacular evening with a cocoa and a blackcurrant and banana toasty (how hardcore can one get). Sunday saw me nursing the flu, painting my magic act swords box gold in preparation for some bookings M&Ms travelling show have secured, arranging my charity burlesque tea dance, and booking some photoshoots.

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