Monday, 31 August 2009

The Maddening Begins

Last night was a late one again damn my annual leave from work ,I more than burning the candle at both ends im heading for a blackout as  there will be no candle left. Magic Mantra Picked me up and we proceeded to pick up a lovely red motability Scooter from her Mum and Dads house, this would play a crucial part in the days events.  We met the lads at a early 10am strapped the camera to the scooter, set out our positions, began filming which went swimmingly and hey presto 12 takes later the filming was to our amazement complete. After reviewing the final  footage take 10 was the best and suited the guys perfectly.  The video was all done in one take, the lads rapped their lyrics the only editing to video involved a few effects and the title and end credits sequence, there was slight disturbance to the motion but added to the videos raw quality. The final approved version is available to view, I have created some alternate versions I would like people to vote on to see what they think.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday the Day of Rest

I awoke today at 1:30pm a very late lie in indeed, but well needed  rest after the weekends events. The friday night performance of my arabic dance routine I was told by onlookers that it was amazing, I maided during the second half and pepped up on cola it went down a storm this consisted of a veritable banquet of performers and a birthday sing song for 2 of the audience however 1 of them Monty queen of SLB was tied to a chair and dry humped throughout the intermission . As the evening drew to a close I became imbroiled within with romantic related drama that fortunatley had a positive outcome to which I am now of the belief that couples should not go out at all (chuckle). The night ended with a dirty McDonalds a drunkard trying to hit on Katy Kamikazy, a taxi home and a long discussion till 4:30am about costumes and routines of the future.

Saturday As I woke from my slumber with less than a handful of restful hours sleep I began to prepare for my next venture a Bizarre Babydoll Boutique Sharing a stall selling handmade kitch costume items with Daisy Cutter Bespoke at the UK Vs US Burlesque Event at the Alea Casino Leeds. I put my makeup on again, photograpghed all my pretty little facinators spent some time with Katy before she left for home and then loaded the car for the trek to Leeds. Lovely time was had by all Myself and Daisy played with my burlesque feather poi, watched some amazing burlesque, met lots of lovely people, sold a few things ate prawn cocktail pringles till we were nearly sick and felt very very tired all evening. the night concluded yet again at 1:30am at a dirty drive through McDonalds (what is my life amounting to with a diet such as this). I now type this blog preparing for tomorrows adventure the filming of Crystal Lake's the maddening.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

An Evening of Free Range Creepery

What can I say this evening was brimming full of fun and frolicking. The first half of the evening consisted of a  fabulous birthday meal of free range fodder that I had to throughout the day painstakingly watch cooking within my oven. The second half of the evening involved myself practicing an act I am due to perform this friday at Daisy's Peepshow  and on the 11th of September at Hello Sailor Hebden Bridge.
The rehearsal initially wasnt very pretty as I thrust and twisted my self into a tether as my one of my closest friend howled in hysterics upon my studio room floor. Normally this act does not pose me any trouble but due to the nights im performing at a traditional arabesque song may not be suited, therefore the song is now Chris Issac baby did a bad bad thing.

So I donned my golden mask, caped up and proceeded to creep out my buddy, after 15mins she was cool and had me breaking a sweat as she posed as ringmaster to my clowning and began to successfully order me about to satisfy her need for performer perfectionism. Once we had the act bang to rights we concluded the evening with tea and cakes and a good old search of silver items on ebay. Hopefully the acts will be fantastic and I pay full  homage to the friend who made it all happen Monty Queen of SLB without you there would be none of our kind of freaky fun and the world would be tragic indeed.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

egyptian goddess roams the town

At the last minute as usual I glammed myself up for a photoshoot, normally I would slap on the war paint ala studio, however today would be different. A chance photo session with the girlys meant as the others beat their feet in a taxi to the studio, I strolled without a care as onlookers gawped at my egyptian makeup in all its golden and glittery finery. We arrived at the studio with a deadline of a one hour time slot thus time became a very precious commodity, I successfully managed to work out how to use all the fancy photography equipment and ensured all lighting was precise. once these bumblings were over a great 50mins of photographic fun was had by all involved . A further session has now been secured well in advance with a few hours of play this will provide more opportunities to experiment further with my lovely little camera.

A Weekend of Excitement

Much fun and frivolity was had this weekend a camping adventure within a fairy woodland to celebrate Miss Magic Mantra's 29th year of existence. Aside from the partying, cake, toasted marshmallows, getting eaten alive and the twice near death experience of one party goer much experimentation was had as always with my little camera, I was able to capture alot of the excitement and get some cracking macro shots of the fire, long exposures of glow sticks/sparklers and finally to top off the event some wonderfully dark images of a burnt out car.

Tuesday brought more excitement as I prepare to co-produce and direct a music video for a local rap group Crystal Lake. Initial set preparations went well and filming is now confirmed for this bank holiday monday, hopefully all should run smoothly.